Online English Lessons

for you

save the   time and cost of travelling
learn English from home
when it's  best   for you

60 minutes Personalized English Lessons
Let's learn together!

I've been teaching English via Skype. The Lessons are personalized based on your level and the purpose of your English Learning. 

We can 

  • learn English Grammar
  • improve your English Communication
  • prepare for your test
  • learn how to write an email and make a phone call

The lessons are fun with lots of fresh videos, articles and English Learning material from all over the world. 

If you're interested, send me an email to discuss the details. 

20 minutes English Chat Cafe
Practice your English, improve your communication and have fun in a '20 chit-chat about something happening in our 'big' world, a new idea or a movie you watched at the weekend. 

Topics freshly picked regularly to help you improve your communication, learn new expressions, pick up the up-to-date vocabulary and learn real English. 

It's a virtual coffee date with me, a friendly chat and an easy way of learning English. 

If you're interested in the English Chat Cafe Lessons, send me an email to discuss the details.