English Grammar for visual learners - Countability

much • many
little • a little  • few • a few
a lot of • lots of • plenty of 
some • any

English Grammar for visual learners - Countability

​​Now I got it! After thousands of expalantions I finally understood! Thanks, you're an amazing teacher!

 Viviane, Brazil

Skillful combination of text and pictures, nice graphic design, I like it:-)

Viktoria, Hungary

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This course is based on 
  • 15 years of teaching experience
  • experiencing the different types of difficulties students face
  • the feedback given by students from all over the world

By the end of this course you will 

  • have a clear understanding of the differences between

        much / many little / a little / few / a few a lot of / lots of / plenty of ​ some / any

  • remember when and how to use them
  • know how to use and form plurals of countable and uncountable nouns
  • love   learning English grammar!