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New Grammar Course -Tenses in the English Language

to help understand and memorize:

  • past, present and future tenses
  • simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous verb forms
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  1. “The real day-to-day language wittily explained through clever visual hints. How can you ever forget the “bear in mind” expression after she wore that cute headband? I hope to see more and more…”
    Margaret, Italy
  2. "You're doing great content! Really, short and very good examples work just perfect"
    Roman, Ukraine
  3. “So funny videos, so many good expressions. And it’s easy to learn with them.”
    Christanthi, Greece
  4. “I can watch these videos on the way to work, which is quite handy. The pictures are catchy and I can remember them easily. I am so happy I subscribed and can’t wait the next week for the next video.” Daria, Russia
    Daria, Russia
​​I was born in the heart of the old European continent but moved to the south of England. English has been my destiny since... who knows when?
I graduated as an English Language Teacher and have been teaching since 2002.
I am also a qualified TEFL English Language Teacher,  TEFL Business English Teacher,  TEFL Advanced Grammar Teacher,  TEFL One-to-one Teacher
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